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Tent Rental

Structure Tent Rental

  • Commercial Grade Structures
  • Ideal for long-term rentals 
  • Ideal for Restaurants
  • Professional Wedding Venues 
  • Widths Available: 20′,  30′,  40′,  60′, 80′, 100′
  • Expand the length in increments of 10′ or 15′
  • Not typical for weekend rentals

Large Frame Tent Rental

  •  These tents are great for private and public events.
  • Completely open underneath allowing for more space for you to use.
  • Can be placed on concrete, asphalt, or grass.
  • Can be placed next to buildings.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial 
  • Quick installation 
  • Ideal for high-end back yard weddings
  • These tents work great for long term summer rentals.

Large Canopy Tent Rental

  • This type of tent is great for private weddings and other events.
  • Tall and stately.
  • Traditionally staked into grass. It can be staked into asphalt for an additional charge.
  • Our tents require 5ft of space all the way around for staking.
  • Ideal for maximizing square footage with budget in mind

Canopy Tent Rental

  • This tent is perfect for backyard parties
  • Can only be staked into grass
  • A cost-effective option against our frame tents
  • Allow for 5ft on all sides for proper placement
  • A short term solution

Frame Tent Rental

  • This style of tent can be placed on grass, driveways, decks, parking lots and even indoors
  • No center poles to accommodate for
  • Can be used as medical testing tents and long term placment
  • Allow for 5ft on all sides for proper placement

Clear Top Tent Rental

This style of tent is the newest addition to our available rental items. They utilize our existing Jumbo-Trac frames so they are sturdy and reliable.

  • They are great for seasonal events, such as weddings in the fall.
  • There are no center poles to have to work around; they are completely clear underneath.
  • You can place them on grass or virtually any hard surface.
  • They look beautiful at night with our string lights hung underneath the top.
  • Check out more photos and the available sizes here.
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