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30′ JumboTrac Frame Tent Rental

30x30 Frame Tent Rental

30x45 Frame Tent Rental

30x60 Frame Tent Rental

30x75 Frame Tent Rental

30x90 Frame Tent Rental

30x105 Frame Tent Rental

30' JumboTrac Frame Wedding Lakefront Rental

Configurations: Hip & Gable

30' JumboTrac A-A/B-B Isometric
JumboTrac Empty on Grass
30ft JumboTrac Stage and Dance floor on Grass
JumboTrac Lite Frame Tent:
  • Expandable in 15′ increments
  • Leg height is 8 ft
  • Sidewalls come in solid vinyl and cathedral arch window
  • Plexiglass double door option
  • Glass double door option
30x60 JumboTrac Plan Side
JumboTrac with Sidewalls
30ft JumboTrac Doors
30ft JumboTrac Glass Doors
30' JumboTrac View A-A/B-B
JumboTrac Setup