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Flooring Rental

Dance Floor Rental

Black Dance Floor Rental
Black Dance Floor Rental
12x12 Checkerboard Dance Floor
Black and White Dance Floor Rental
White Dance Floor
White Dance Floor Rental
birch dance floor
Birch Dance Floor Rental
Cherry Dance Floor
Cherry Dance Floor Rental

Our dance floor rental is perfect for a wedding, graduation party, birthday, and summer party. You have two styles to choose from and both come as tiles measuring 4ft x 4ft. The panels self-align and allow for a seamless fit. We require that it is placed out of the elements, whether that means under a tent or in a venue hall. If you want your dance floor on a hard surface, we have dance floor edging. This allows for an easier transition from the ground to the dance floor. The edging also gives the look of a more sleek, professional appeal.

Tent & Event Floor Rental

  • sand carpet

    This is priced per square foot and you’ll need to add our Dura-Trac Flooring on the order because the carpet is placed on those the…

  • Dura-Trac Event Flooring

    Tent Flooring Rental: Our heavy-duty event flooring is a slide-lock flooring system that easily slides together, making installation quick and easy.   The panels are…

Our flooring rental is great for any tent event. You’ll need to rent the Dura-Trac flooring as a the base floor. This allows for a strong, solid surface to put carpet or laminate onto. Each panel is 4ft x4ft and locks seamlessly together. They weigh about 50lbs each and measure 2 3/4in thick. Customize these to any dimension in 4ft increments. 

The Dura-Trac flooring can be used on its own or you have the option to have a carpet or laminate installed. This gives your event a beautiful finish. The carpet comes in a few colors and the laminate comes in a rustic color. These flooring options are only meant to be set down on the Dura-Trac flooring.

Staging Rental

stage with railing and steps
Staging Rental

Our staging rental is perfect for your wedding, charity, music festival, fundraiser, formal event, and private party. A single stage piece comes as a 4ft x 8ft piece. This means that you can make any size stage in increments of 4ft or 8ft. Not only do we offer staging rental but also carry stairs, railing, and a wheel chair ramp. You can have your stage anywhere between 18in and 24in in height. We also carry skirting so you can have a more appealing look and create storage underneath the stage for the duration of the event.