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Wedding Packages

Check out our selection of wedding packages which, not only will show you what we recommend for a wedding of your size, but also will allow you to customize your order with additional lighting, cocktail tables and more. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of tables, chairs, dance floors and lighting options to choose from. We offer 36, 96, 130, 150, 180 and 230 person wedding packages.

Clear Top Tent With Drapery Rental 40 x 120 Wedding

Graduation Packages

Our graduation packages take on a very streamlined approach, in that every package includes built-in options for tables, chairs and a tick box asking if the tent will be on grass or pavement. Additionally, choosing a tent size is as simple as determining the amount of guests at your graduation party. Our packages can support graduations from 20 people, up to 100 people

Clear Top Cathedral Sidewalls Outside

Restaurant Packages

Our rental packages for restaurant and bars is more advanced, insofar as it takes a more informative approach to rental compared to the more straight-forward approach of the graduation and wedding packages. Check out our structure tent options and see what the best options for your business would be!

Kona Grill Structure Tent