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Structure Tent Rental

Width Snow Load Wind Load Link
20x 37 lbs/sqft 107 mph
40x 25 lbs/sqft 93 mph
40x Radial 26 lbs/sqft 81 mph
60x 26 lbs/sqft 81 mph
80x 20 lbs/sqft 99 mph
100x 15 lbs/sqft 87 mph
Lighting Wall Sections
High Bay Glass
Bistro String Tempered Aluminum
Chandelier Vinyl Fabric
Knights Tent and Party Rental Capital Grille
A structure tent that we provided for a local restaurant.

Commercial Structure Tent Rental Applications:

  • Event Venue
  • Temporary Warehouse
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Additional Storage Space 
  • Equipment Storage 
  • Long Term Tent Rental
  • Vaccination Drive-Thru 
  • Construction Tents
  • Snow Load Tent Rental

40×45 Double Lane Drive Thru

  • 2 15’x40’x10′ Drive-Thru Lanes
  • 2 Double Doors, 1 On Each Side
  • 2 HighBay Commercial Lights 
  • 1 15’x40′ Office & Warming Area (sealed middle)
  • Windows For Visibility in Middle
  •  Quiet Generator 
  • Tent Heat + Propane or AC
  • Each Lane Fits 2 Full-Size Trucks

One of the most important things when considering a structure tent versus a standard tent is application. Structure tents are much larger than standard tents. They are more expensive to install because of increase size of the beams. These tents are typical for commercial applications and long term rentals. They can also be set up for very special occasions like weddings and festivals. These structures are capable of enduring the winter because they are engineered to carry a snow load. These structure tents are engineered and given a snow load rating by the manufacture. If you are looking for a long term winter tent, we highly recommend asking for the manufacture’s specification. 

Table of Contents

Glass & Aluminum Walls

For our structure tent rental, we provide a variety of options. The first option is glass or aluminum walls. These walls are fitted to the aluminum beams and are solid panels. There are a couple of benefits to having a solid frame wall instead of vinyl walls. First, hard panel walls like glass or aluminum provide a better appearance. The glass walls are full double plane windows that go all the way to the bottom of the structure. They integrate nicely with our double glass doors.

Typically, if you are renting long term we recommend that you have a combination of hard aluminum walls and glass walls. One of the reasons we recommend glass walls for long term rentals is that it provided additional lighting during the day time. If you rent only hard aluminum panel sidewalls, then you will need to rent additional lighting. We recommend high bay lights for commercial applications.  

For weddings, it will depend on the design. We recommend that you prioritize where your guest will be looking out and entering the structure tent. You should have the entrance be a double glass door with glass walls on the left and right side of the door. If there is a long stretch of the structure overlooking a lake or something scenic, then you should have glass walls on that side. 

Snow Load Tents

Structure tents are the only tents that can offer a snow load. The first thing to understand about snow load is that if the tent manufacture does not specify a snow load then it does not have a snow load. Our tents carry a snow load and are specifically designed with Michigan winters in mind. These tents are engineered to meet the specification listed above in the table.

Many tent rental companies will claim to be able to handle a snow load, but what they really mean is that they will go out in the middle of the night to shovel it off so that it doesn’t collapse. In our years of growth, we have done this. We know, that it is only a matter of time before a tent that is not engineered for snow buckles under the weight. If you are storing expensive equipment or you depend on this tent for your operation during the winter months. I highly recommend doing your research into what type of product you will be renting. These are high-quality durable winter shelters.


Adding Additional Winter Perlins

Wedding – Structure Tents 

Structure tents are the best. They have stunning features that put them a tier above your standard tents. One very important feature is the height. First, the height of the legs or walls is very important visually. The height of the legs determines the initial ceiling height. All of our structure tents have 10′ legs or walls. All of our standard frame tents including our JumboTrac series have 8′ legs. In addition, all of our large pole tents also have 8′ legs. Make sure that you ask your rental company about this. Many companies will rent tents with 7′ legs. This will make the tent feel small and cramped.  Please do not rent a tent with 7′ legs.

In addition to the wall height, the ceiling is also 3-4 feet taller than a traditional frame tent. This makes a huge difference in appearance. If you are considering a structure tent, you should know that these are not ordinary or standard by any means for a weekend event. These are simply the best of best. If you are interested in the next best thing we offer the JumboTrac clear span frame tent. This tent is the most popular large frame tent that we rent. These frame tents have the look and feel of many of the large tents that you see around. They are very popular, I highly recommend looking at our weddings page.

Long Term Tent Rental or Lease

If you are a restaurant, contractor, business owner or just looking for additional space, then our structure tent will handle the job. If you are looking to use these tents for commercial applications like storage or adding to your floor space these structure tents will be a good fit. The 10′ walls can accommodate more storage space and provide a more open atmosphere.
One important thing to think about when deciding to rent a commercial structure is security. If you are going to be storing expensive machinery,  materials, or merchandise, then you should consider renting a structure with hard panel walls. The reason is simple, vinyl walls are too easy to break into. With our structures, you can rent hard panel walls and double doors. You can lock the double doors when you close up for the night. Further, if you are looking to store large machines that are too big for a double door. We can install a garage door for your machines.
The rental agreement for these tents can be priced accordingly, with the duration of the rental in mind. Typically, the longer you decided to rent the tent for, the less money you can pay per month. It is really important to determine how long you would like to rent the structure before renting. There are a variety of reasons for this. First, you want to get the best deal you can, by renting according to the total time you will have the structure. Second, you don’t want to plan on extending your agreement and come to find out that someone else has rented it after your rental agreement has expired.