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Table Rental

Standard Table Rental

  • 60in round Table Rental

    60′ Round Table: Our 60′ round tables are perfect for weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, and corporate events. We strongly recommend that you rent linen to…

  • 8ft Banquet Table Rental

    8ft Banquet Table Rental: Our 8ft banquet tables work great for your wedding, birthday, corporate event, and backyard BBQ. We recommend that you rent linen…

  • cafe table

    Cafe Table Rental: These cafe tables are the perfect addition to your wedding, private party, anniversary, and formal event. These tables work well for those…

  • cocktail table

    Check out our linen rental for these tables.

Specialty Table Rental

  • 48in round table

    Can be used for cake, dessert, gift, seating chart tables, and more! Perfect for use at a wedding or birthday party! Seats 4-6 guests.

  • Farm Table Rental pricing

    Farm Table Rental: Our farm tables are ideal for holiday gatherings, wedding head tables, banquet halls, formal events. They are sturdy, made of wood, and…

85in square table linen white
Check out our linen rental!