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Tent Overview

Pole Tents

The classic pole tent, cheaper than the frame tent, yet less versatile. Pole tents differentiate themselves from the frame tents by having poles along the mid section of the tent for structural support. We offer them in sizes from 20′, 30′, and 40′ wide.


Frame Tents

The frame tent, the most versatile tent type. With far more options available for customization, such as more tent space, far more tent liner options and venue options. The frame tent is a great choice if you’re unsure if the tent will be placed on pavement or grass or you just want more tent space, unoccupied by poles.

frame tent rental

Structure Tents

A type of frame tent, structure tents are generally used for larger events and even for long-term rentals. Structure Tents are generally larger and are, therefore more suited for larger events. They are also, extremely resistant to rain, wind and snow and thusly, are more attuned for longer rental periods than other similarly sized tents. 

Structure Tent Long Term Rental

Clear Tops

The clear top is a type of frame tent, and as the name implies, has a clear top. They are relatively larger tents coming in sizes starting from 40×40 and going up to 40×120.

40ft Clear Top Tent

Custom Design

Own a company, plan on renting a tent and want your iconography on it? Fret not, Knights has you covered. We have had many successful cutom designs from places like Kona Grill and Oakland University!

Knights Tent and Party Rental Capital Grille

Tent Seating Guide

Approximate Seating by Tent Size
Tent Size Occupants
10x10 Frame Tent 8
10x20 Frame Tent 16
15x15 Frame Tent 16
20x20 Frame Tent 24 (60" Round) - 48 (8' Rectangular)
20x30 Frame Tent 50-70 (60" Round) - 70-90 (8' Rectangula)
20x40 Frame Tent 64 (60" Round) - 96 (8' Rectangular)
30x30 Frame Tent 72
30x45 Frame Tent 104
30x60 Frame Tent 144
30x75 Frame Tent 176
30x90 Frame Tent 216
40x40 Frame Tent 128
40x60 Frame Tent 192
40x80 Frame Tent 256
40x100 Frame Tent 320
40x120 Frame Tent 384
40x140 Frame Tent 440
40x160 Frame Tent 500
40x180 Frame Tent 560
Approximate Seating by Tent Size
Tent Size Occupants
20x20 Pole Tent 40
20x30 Pole Tent 48 (60" Round) - 64 (8' Rectangular)
20x40 Pole Tent 64 (60" Round) - 96 (8' Rectangular)
30x30 Pole Tent 72
30x45 Pole Tent 104
30x60 Pole Tent 144
30x75 Pole Tent 144
30x90 Pole Tent 216
30x105 Pole Tent 240
40x40 Pole Tent 128
40x60 Pole Tent 192
40x80 Pole Tent 256
40x100 Pole Tent 320
40x120 Pole Tent 380
40x140 Pole Tent 440
40x160 Pole Tent 500
40x180 Pole Tent 560
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