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Tent Rental

Pole Tents - Soft Surface Install Only

High-Peak Pole Tents - Soft Surface or Asphalt Install Only

10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, 50x, 60x: Call for pricing

Commercial tents for all four seasons. Innovative, solid, cost effective and professional. Our winter tents are strong enough to bear loads of snow. Exceptionally resistant to winds and all bad weather. The double-roofs option also provides better insulation.

Additional Tent Installation Items

40 wide Arc Overhang

Frame Tents - Hard or Soft Surface Install

Large Frame Tents - Semi-Structure Tent- Hard or Soft Surface Install

Tent Sidewalls/Doors Flooring

Tent Sidewalls

Tent Doors and Flooring

Table and Chair Rental

Dance Floor, Staging, DJ Service Rental

Dance Floor Rental and DJ Services

Stages and Trussing

Lighting Rental

Tent Lighting Options

Non-Tent Lighting Options

Drapery Rental

Non-Tent Drapery Options

Canopy Tent Drapery Options

Frame Tent Drapery Options

Linen Rental

Spandex Linens

Round Linens

Square Linens

Rectangular Linens

Sashes, Napkins, and Chair Covers

Tableware Rental

Dishware Rental

Glassware Rental