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Dishware & Glasses Rental

* All Tableware subject to 12% damage waiver and additional $90 Delivery *

Dishware Rental

Delivered in packages of 10

We Offer:
 Hors d’oeurves Plates, Salad Plates, Bread and Butter Plates, Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Cups and Saucers
Royal White Dishware
Square Dishware
Ivory with Gold Band
Iriana  White & Gold Dinnerware
Vanessa White & Gold Dinnerware
Ivory with Gold Band
Iriana Silver Dinnerware
Venessa Platinum Dinnerware
Sienna Lace Dinnerware
White with Platinum Band Dinnerware
Duchess Gold Rim  Dinnerware
Charlotte Dinnerware
Contessa Dinnerware
Grace Dinnerware
Clear Dinnerware
COupe Bone Dinnerware
Grace Dinnerware
Platinum Dot Dinnerware
Bosa Nova Basketweave Dinnerware
Clear Dinnerware
White with Platinum Band Dinnerware
Elodie Charger
Royal White Dinnerware
Iriana Silver Dinnerware
Gold Sponge Charger
Iriana Gold Charger
Iriana Silver Dinnerware
     Gold Acrylic Charger
Silver Acrylic Charger
Venessa Platinum Charger
Platinum Band Dinnerware
Bosa Nova  Charger with Platinum Band Dinnerware

Sponge Gold Charger with  Ivory and Gold Band Dishware

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

* All Tableware subject to 12% damage waiver and additional $85 Delivery *

Flatware Rental


Comes in packages of 10
Trivoli Flatware
Acqua Flatware
Beads Flatware
Distinction Flatware
Pacific Rim Flatware
Hammered Flatware
Abbey Silver Flatware


comes in packages of 10

Abbey Gold
Arezzo Brushed Gold
Rose Gold Vivi

Glassware Rental

Glassware must be rented by the rack. 

* All Tableware subject to 12% damage waiver and additional $85 Delivery *


Large Water Goblets  

 (25 Glasses)


Highball Glasses

(36 Glasses)

Beer Glasses

 (25 Glasses)

Champagne Glasses

(36 Glasses)

Wine Glasses

 (25 Glasses)

Martini Glasses

 (12 Glasses)



Rock Glasses

(25 Glasses)

Stemless Red Wine Glasses

17 oz

(20 Glasses)

Stemless White Wine Glasses

17 oz

 (25 Glasses)

Stemless Champagne Glasses

8.5 oz

(49 Glasses)


Attol Shot Glasses

(36  Glasses)

Copper Mule Mugs 

Beverage Glass

12.5 oz

 (25 Glasses)

Margarita Glasses

(12 Glasses)


Helsinki Shot Glasses

(36  Glasses)


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Don’t want to get you dishes dirty, broken or lost? Or maybe you just simply don’t have enough?
 Let us help you complete your  Wedding, Graduation ion, Birthday Party, Corporate Party.
We have multiple  styles to choose from.
Having trouble decide what type of Dishware, Flatware or Glassware to rent?
We will gladly help you.
Call us and talk to one of our Event Planner to plan you perfect party or wedding.
We will do our best to match your style and colors. 

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