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Miscellaneous Overview

Temperature Control

Looking to make your tent ice cold during the summer? Maybe blisteringly hot in the winter? Or maybe just have a nice, cool breeze to stave off the heat. Any heat configuration you can think of, we have you covered.

Temperature Control Rental

Safety Options

Renting a larger, structure tent? Some safety precautions may be in order. Never forget to rent a fire extinguisher or an exit sign for larger venues.

fire extinguisher rental

Dance Floors

No party is complete without some good tunes and people that want to dance. Look no further than here to check out our selection of dance floors. We offer cherry wood, birch, black, white and black and white (mix) color dance floors. Additionally if you don’t like standing or sitting around on grass you can opt to get tent flooring.

dance floor rental


Looking to be selective with your venue? Rent a fence, barricade or stantions to fence people off of places that they shouldn’t be.

fence rental

Electrical Supplies

Thinking of having a ton of lights in your tent. You might want to consider getting an extension cord or two to make sure they will be powered. You would especially want a generator if you are unsure if your venue will have electricity or not.

generator rental

Drapery and Liners

Our selection of sheer drapery and tent liners is sure to make your tent stands out amongst the box-standard, 40×40 frame tents in the world. 

Knights Wedding Tent


No party, scratch that, no GOOD party is complete without having one of these bad boys at your party venue. Looking for snow cones? Maybe you want a coke slushy at your wedding? Cotton candy machine at a funeral? We won’t judge. Popcorn for you dog’s 5th birthday? Say no more. Take a look at our collection of concession items and you’ll be glad you did!

concessions rental


Looking to keep your food warm, serve drinks, hold plates and more? Peruse our selection of catering items such as chafers, waiter trays, stands, ice tubs, plastic pitchers and more!

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