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Tent Rental in Dearborn, MI

Dearborn Tent Rental


Dependable Tent Rentals

Live in Dearborn, and have an upcoming event? Look no further than Knights to rent a tent for any and all of your event needs. Event rentals is our team’s specialty. Knights Party Rental has been operating near Dearborn for more than 10 years and will continue to serve the community until the end of our days!

Perhaps you would like to have graduation party near a lake for some cool scenery. Or, maybe one of the country clubs around Dearborn. Whatever the location, know that we will be able to deliver!

Knights Party Rental has prepared many successful events near Dearborn. Take a look at the gallery of rental tents for examples!

Clear Top Cathedral Sidewalls Rental

Tent Rental and Much More​

Knights Tent and Party Rental is known for more than just tent rentals. Here at Knights we offer more than just structure tents. Choose from a variety of tents such as frame, pole, clear top, tidewater and timbertrac tents! Not only that but, we also offer chairs, tables, linens, dishware, lights and even stagings! Own a tent, live in Dearborn and need it to be washed? Knights even offers tent washing and repair. We also have both wedding and graduation packages which include a tent along with tables and chairs. 

Check out our wedding and graduation products below