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Chandelier Rental

Chandelier Rental

  • Brushed Nickel Chandelier

    Steel 9 Arm Chandelier Rental: Our 9 arm chandelier rental is our newest lighting rental item. The simple design makes them versatile and cost-effective for…

  • 10arm chandelier gold and crystal

    Gold And Crystal 10 Arm Chandelier Rental: Our chandelier rental is perfect for your wedding, restaurant tent rental, country club, banquet hall, and formal event.…

Number of Chandeliers that can fit respectively in each tent
Note: Our pole tents fit one less chandelier than the frame tent of the same size due to the center poles down the center of the tent.
Tent Size Frame Tent Pole Tent
30x30 1 0
30x45 2 1
30x60 3 2
30x75 4 3
30x90 5 4
40x40 1 0
40x60 2 1
40x80 3 2
40x100 4 3
40x120 5 4