Bounce House Rentals

  • Bounce House Water Slide

    Can't decide between a Bounce House or a Water Slide?  Get them both with a Bounce House Water Slide Combo!  The  3-in-1 Bounce House Water Slide Combo Rentals have a large Bounce House area , a Water Slide as well as a Basketball Hoop to boot!  The slide which can be used Wet or Dry too!  This is the best of both. Super fun for everyone!

  • Large Bounce Houses

    We have them! Large Bounce Houses for rent! Room for Super fun for everyone! These large bounce houses are much larger than most other companies bounce houses.They have more room to hold more children at one time in the spacious bounce house area. You can even get in there too.

  • Obstacle Courses

    Let the games begin! Obstacle Courses are challenging and fun. From the entrance tunnels to dodging obstacles, then to climbing steep walls in order to racing down the slide either wet of dry, your guests will be laughing all the way.

    Giant Dry Obstacle Course:

    50 feet of challenge and a fast. dry slide at the end!

    Giant Wet/Dry Obstacle Course:

    65 feet of pure adrenaline and can be used wet or dry. Large water slide and pool at the end!  

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