Tent Rental

10-96 Guests

Pole Tents

  • Great for Backyard Parties
  • Staked into Grass or Asphalt (additional)
  • Needs additional 5′ around tent for ropes and stakes and clear of tree branches and wires.
  • If requested, pole tents can be placed on asphalt at an additional charge. 

Frame Tents

  • Can be placed on grass, driveways, decks, parking lots; Used indoors, or outdoors.
  • They are completely wide open with no center poles and have less ropes and stakes.
  • Can use them right next to buildings, and are perfect as extensions off buildings.

96-920+ Guests

High-Peak Pole Tents

  • Tall and Stately – Great for Private Weddings and events.
  •  Can be  staked into Grass or Asphalt
  • Requires additional 5′-8′ min. all the way around Tent for Ropes and Stakes

 Large Frame Tent

  • Great for Private Weddings and Events.
  • Can be used on Concrete, Asphalt or Grass
  • Completely wide open – no center poles
  • Sidewalls slide open and closed like curtains
  • Can be used right next to buildings

Tent & Pole Drapery

Tent Sidewalls & Doors

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