Drapery Rental

Pole Drapery

Pole Drapery : Bishop


Pole Drapery


Tent Swags

Straight Center Pole Swag



Swags to Center Poles

$95.80  – To Center Poles: 
$35.95 – To Between Poles: 



White Drapery


White Drapery:

Single White Drapery: $11.95 per foot (Installation $2.00 per foot)
DoubleWhite Drapery: $23.95 per foot (Installation $4.00 per foot)

Custom Drapery

Have specific look or style of drapery you want? Let us make it for you!!
We want to make sure that your party of Wedding is one that will not be forgotten. Tent Swags and Pole Drapery are subtle details that create a beautiful tent–creates an ambiance of elegance. It will impress your guests and create a night that no one will forget.
Having trouble decide how to decorate your tent? Or designing the Perfect Wedding Decor? 
We will gladly help you.
Call us and talk to one of our Event & Wedding Planners to plan you perfect party or wedding.
We will do our best to match your style and colors. 

Let’s get started

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