Linens and Chair Covers Rental

Chair Covers


Chair Covers 



Spandex Chair Covers 


Banquet Table Linen

full length baquet table cloth
mid lenght

Banquet Table Linen  Mid Length


full lenght banquet

Banquet Table Linen  Full Mid Length


banquet spandex

Banquet Table Linen  Spandex


Round Table Linen

square Linen

Round Table Square Linen


half round linen

Round Table Mid Linen



Round Table Full Linen


round spandex

Round Table  Table Spandex


Cocktail Table Linen

Cocktail Table Spandex


spandex cocktail

Cocktail Table Linen


Cocktail Full Linen



Cocktail  Sash Linen


Sash Not Included

Cocktail Table Light


Want to be Elegant? Get our Beautiful Cotton or Spandex Linens  for your Wedding, Graduation, Birthday Party, Corporate Party. 
Don’t forget to add your chair covers and Napkins to tie the whole look together 
We have multiple colors and styles to choose from Banquet Table Linen, Round Table Linen, cocktail Table linen, Cocktail table lights, Chair Covers, & Napins 
Having trouble decide what type of linen, chair covers or Napkins to get?
We will gladly help you.
Call us and talk to one of our Event Planner to plan you perfect party or wedding.
We will do our best to mach  your style and colors. 

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