Event Accessories

Pipe and Drape Rental  

Our expandable Pipe and Drape Rental is great for all kinds of Events & Expos.
$4.95 per foot ($2.00 per foot for set-up)

Pipe and Drape can be used for your reception  or Ceremoney
Indoors or Out, we can make your entrance extraordinary!

Red Rope, Red Carpet Rentals

red rope - red carpet rentals

 Red Carpet

4′ x 25′  Treat your special  guests with the Walk the Red Carpet Event with our Red Carpet Rentals.

Stanchions and Velvet Rope

Our stanchions have a chrome-polished finish and can be rented along with our 6ft. red velvet ropes.

Create a Grand Entrance, Opulent and Sophisticated

Event Fencing

$16 per panel

6′ x 42″


Extra Accessories


(frame not included)




Umbrella Table 

$ 19.95


Wood Hangers

$.45 per Hanger

Coat Rack


Trashcan & Bag


100 ”  – 12 gauge: $10

Cable-Wire Ground Cover: 

$10 (3.25″)

Block covers $5


Let’s get started

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